I am married with two Kids. I reside in Savannah, Georgia. I am a RN and work as a Care Transition Coordinator for a home health company. I have been a RN for 26 years now and I really enjoy my calling to serve the sick an frail patients. I am a member of The Temple of Glory Community Church, I serve on the health ministry. I am very passionate about health and exercise for which I am a part of a very exciting Zumba group and workout 3 times weekly. My journey in the USA has been very successful with a lot of hard work and great rewards.
I have been truly blessed with a beautiful life great family and wonderful friends.
I participated in the following Easter Drama-Cantatas:
•1980 A Man Called Peter
•1981 Barrabas
•1982 The Messiah
•1983 Moses and the Promised Land
•1984 Resurrection
•1985 Apocalypse
•1986 Paradise Lost
•1987 He Lives
•1988 Let My People Go
•1989 Jesus the Verdict

“The drama cantata was a great opportunity for spiritual growth. The discipline that was required during the months of intense rehearsals was the stepping stone for developing me for my future career and journey. I am very thankful for the experience.”

I reside in Savannah, Georgia, USA