Wesley is a Certified Coach, Teacher y Speaker with the John Maxwell Team as a founding member. He writes and speaks about young people, marriage and coaching and leadership.
His passion for God motivates him to help his readers and listeners achieve success in every area of their lives.
He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá and a Master’s degree in Higher Education from the University of Panamá.
Eng. Jones worked as a Telecommunications Engineer for over 30 years before his passion for impacting the leaders of the next generation led him to teaching. He currently teaches Algebra and Calculus at different universities.

He participated in the following drama-Cantata productions:
• 1978 Portraits of our Savior
• 1979 From Bethany to Galilee
• 1980 A Man Called Peter

Currently lives in Panama with his wife and 5 children