Where it all started


Annual Easter Drama-Cantata

Reverend Alford Alphonse, chairman of the Panama and Costa Rica district, came up with the idea of dramatizing their Easter Choir Cantatas. With the help of Prof. Adelaida Alphonse de Jones and under the auspices of the Methodist Churches the Annual Easter Drama-Cantatas were born in 1978. With the choirs of the Wesley and Rio Abajo Methodist Churches and a cast of 12 actors, Portraits of Our Savior was set into production.

adelaidaLater, the team of young actors formed YouthQuake and converted these biblical re-enactments into ecumenical events with the participation of the Methodist, Anglican, Baptist and Catholic churches. Five standing room only performances on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday were held during Holy Week in Panama at the St Christopher’s Auditorium in Parque Lefevre, one performance in Balboa (former Canal Zone) and one performance in Colon at the Guardia Vega Auditorium.

Ecumenical message

204 Actors, singers and dancers, 17 denominations 1 message

Though the plays were of religious nature, they all dealt with contemporary applications to the teachings found in both the Old and New Testament. Due to the artistic and theological nature, most of them were later produced for the local television stations and the live presentations were staged in local theaters of several cities.


YouthQuake was formed in 1984 by a selected group of 8 young cast members who wanted to expand the reach and message of these drama-cantatas to actors, singers and dancers regardless of their religious affiliation. With the support of the Methodist , Anglican, Baptist and Catholic churches they organized the auditions, rehearsals, award ceremonies and other activities for the cast of 204, from 17 different churches from January to April each year. Five performances Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday were held during Holy Week in Panama and one in Colon. yq03a
From left to right – Julio Murray, Priscilla McQueen (Props), Daniel Joseph (Assistant Director), Lawrence Rouse (Musical Director), Walter St Jones (Writer/Director), Everardo Arthur (Assistant Director), Mauricio Tomlinson (Sound)and Carlos Richards (Lights).

Members of YouthQuake